Diabeting It

From the CrossFit Journal – Nov 22, 2017 Snatch. Clean and Jerk. Workout. Thursday, Nov. 30, marks the beginning of the third annual CrossFit Liftoff, powered by Rogue. Andrew Perzel is one of the thousands of athletes worldwide who will participate… Read more »

Is your “Happy Hour” all it could be?

James Gordon – Feb 28 2017 One of our awesome members (you know who you are) wore a shirt to the class the other day that said “My Happy Hour”.  And it’s true, your hour at CrossFit can be the… Read more »

Technique Tuesday: Handstand Push-Ups and Power Cleans

Today’s session at CrossFit Schaffhausen will have Handstand Push-Ups for the gymnastics/ skill portion, and Power Cleans during the workout.  Here are some great videos to help with you get dialed in 😉 The Handstand Push-Up may seem like an… Read more »

Strength AND Size

For Current CFS Members ONLY Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a few interesting conversations with some members who are interested in goals outside of the area of general health and fitness.  In particular, there seems to be some… Read more »

“I owe it to myself to get well”

From Mike Koslap – the CrossFit Journal Feb 2 2018   Al Sagapolutele was always the “big guy.” As a result of poor eating and drinking habits, he weighed as much as 485 lb. after college. A few years ago,… Read more »

ReVive BootCamp 6 Week Challenge

ReVive BootCamp 6 WEEK CHALLENGE Feb 12 to March 24, 2018 We are looking for 24 people who are interested in changing the way they look, feel, and think about food and fitness. A few times per year, we open… Read more »

CrossFit Schaffhausen – Benchmark Week

Our first “Benchmark Week” of 2018 will be from Jan 15th to January 20th.  So, what is Benchmark Week, how does it work, and why do we do it?? WHY? Every three months, we take a week to “check in”… Read more »

Why you NEED to stop training!

One thing is certain, CrossFitters have more than a little of the “crazy gene” because they all like pushing themselves a little or a lot multiple times each week. You just set a new max lift, and you just beat… Read more »

How do you get results? Just ask Marie-Claire

At CrossFit Schaffhausen, we offer our “6 Week Challenge” sessions four to five times each year.  The program involves two components; fitness and nutrition.  Doing one without the other is a bit like being locked in a room with two… Read more »