Technique Tuesday: Handstand Push-Ups and Power Cleans

Today’s session at CrossFit Schaffhausen will have Handstand Push-Ups for the gymnastics/ skill portion, and Power Cleans during the workout.  Here are some great videos to help with you get dialed in 😉

The Handstand Push-Up may seem like an impossible feat when you are just starting out, but with patience and the proper progressions, you can get there!  Add these simple progressions to your workout two to three times per week.

Handstand Push-Up Progression and Common Faults:


Less technically demanding than the (Squat) Clean, the Power Clean is a great expression of power, or “strength expressed quickly”.  Opening the hips is the key to this movement, so remember to think “JUMP” each time to get the hips fully open.

The Power Clean


If you would like to dial in your technique in these movements, we offer “Skill Sessions”.  This is a 30 minute, private training session where we will dial in on one specific technique and give you a homework plan to work on over the next 30 days.  To book a time, just email us at [email protected].