Strength AND Size

For Current CFS Members ONLY

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a few interesting conversations with some members who are interested in goals outside of the area of general health and fitness.  In particular, there seems to be some interest in programming specifically designed to promote a gain in lean muscle mass (size!).  I’m interested in developing a stand alone program that addresses this area, and I need some willing participants who would like to participate in the first round.
Please see the program description below:
This program, while similar to our regular plan, places more emphasis on hypertrophy work with the addition of lower and upper-body “feeder” workouts in between main training sessions. While general physical preparedness (GPP) work is included, there is less of this work to allow for more time under tension and development of lagging muscle-groups. This plan is perfect for someone that wants to increase lean-body mass while improving maximal strength. This concurrent training structure is a proven method of working multiple modalities of fitness and not losing the benefits of each area of focus. Individuals that purchase this program should be comfortable working independently in the gym and have proficiency in compound movements.
So, I only have 6 places available for the first round.  In order to participate, you should meet the following criteria:
  • You can commit to training 5 days per week (any class time) for 8 weeks
  • You can commit to following our recommendations for nutrition for 8 weeks
  • You can consistently get 8 hours of sleep (or more) per day
  • You already know your way around a barbell and can perform the major lifts (squat, dead, bench, press) with confidence
  • You have the desire to increase your functional strength AND see an increase in muscle mass
The program will be added to your Beyond the Whiteboard feed, and it will be up to you to do the additional work either before, during or after your regular classes.  It would be expected that you reduce the number of Metcons (workouts) to allow for more time on the hypertrophy (getting jacked!) and for rest.
Your investment in the additional program would be chf99 for 8 weeks.  As I said, there will only be 6 places available in our first run.  If you are interested, simply CLICK HERE and select the “Conjugate Strength + Size” option.  As soon as we’ve received your confirmation you will be registered to participate.  The start date will be announced as soon as we have enough registrations, but I would like to run it from mid February to mid April.