Personal Training

Personal Training offers some very unique benefits. Working one on one with an experienced and dedicated coache will help you reach your goals and improve your fitness quickly, and on your schedule. The benefits of personal training has proven to be so incredibly effective,  and it has become a popular choice among our clients. With each personal training session, clients are assigned individualized homework to be completed before their next training session.

The other benefit of Personal Training, is that it allows us to completely customize a program to fit your individual needs.  Some clients work out at other gyms, but come to us once per month to make sure they are moving and performing at their best.  Some come in once per week, do their assigned homework outside, or at home, and follow our nutrition programming.  Others use us leading up to their sporting season, or to get ready for an endurance event.  The possibilities are endless.

Personal Training Rates:

  • (1) 30 minute session – chf59
  • (10) 30 minute sessions – chf531 Save chf59!
  • (20) 30 minute sessions – chf1062 Save chf118!
  • (1) 60 minute session – chf118
  • (10) 60 minute sessions – chf1062 Save chf118!
  • (20) 60 minute sessions – chf2124 Save chf236!

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • A marked increase in work capacity across a range of modalities (all workouts are measurable and repeatable to ensure accurate data collection).
  • Through constantly varied programming, clients can expect to see improvements in ten recognized fitness domains (Speed, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Power, Stamina, Strength, Mobility, Accuracy and Cardiovascular Endurance).
  • Regular attendance, in conjunction with a healthy diet, will result in achieving and/or maintaining healthy markers in body fat and muscle mass percentages.