Flow State Runner / Pose Method Workshop with Coach Jeff Grant

Learn in person the awareness and mind training techniques Coach Jeff shares in his forthcoming book, Flow State Runner, as well as Dr. Nicolas Romanov’s highly effective Pose Method® of Running. Effortless, injury-free, smooth, natural, peaceful, meditative ….. these are… Read more »

We now offer ROMWOD, FREE, to our members!

Great news for all members at CrossFit Schaffhausen.  We have teamed up with ROMWOD to provide a resource for everyone at the box to get the most out of their mobility. During a regular one hour class, we try to… Read more »

Meet our Members!

Have you ever wondered, “What kind of people go to a CrossFit Gym”?  Well, now you know!  Meet one of our amazing members, Corinne. Name: Corinne d’Aujourd’hui  Age: 25 Hometown: Schaffhausen Profession: Betriebsassistentin im Restaurant Park am Rheinfall (Diplomierte Hotelfachfrau)… Read more »

Reaching your Goals, the smart way!

We have just completed the 2016 CrossFit Open season and if you are like most people, you’re probably already thinking of next year. Or, maybe you have some great New Year’s Resolutions that have been forgotten.  Perhaps you recently completed… Read more »

Tips for staying active with the whole family

Family Friendly Changes to Incorporate More Exercise Into Your Life Having a family, a career, and a hectic schedule leaves little time for a fitness routine. However the benefits to being physically fit are numerous and should be a priority… Read more »

New CrossFit in Waldshut Tiengen!

We recently had the pleasure of attending the opening night at the area’s newest gym, CrossFit Waldshut Tiengen.  The owners, Josh and Sara spent some time with us at CrossFit Schaffhausen as trainers, and I am very happy to see… Read more »

Our Check-In Charity for February is…..

This February, you can help provide a home to a neglected pet just by checking in on Facebook at CrossFit Schaffhausen. Every 5 check-ins will provide an hour of care for a shelter animal! We’ve partnered with Sweat Angels and… Read more »