Take your CrossFit, and your health, to the next level with these three supplements!

So, you are getting to the gym regularly and watching what you eat.  Things are going great, but could it be even better?  If you are not taking these three supplements, you could be missing out on some major health and fitness benefits!

Fish Oil

Taking fish oil regularly has a number of positive effects.  It‘s great for heart health as well as proper brain development and function. Importantly for athletes, it reduces inflammation and muscle soreness by enhancing blood flow throughout the body.

Fish oil is also an excellent source of EPA & DHA, which have been shown to decrease triglyceride levels, the growth rate of plaque that clogs blood vessels and lower blood pressure slightly.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil help prevent inflammation of the blood vessels and formation of blood clots, making sure your nutrient and oxygen delivery functions at its best.

Vitamin D

Taking Vitamin D can boost your ability to fight viral infections like the common flu. This important vitamin also wards off infections and helps the body to absorb calcium.  Vitamin D has also been found to help people with asthma and other respiratory diseases to breathe normally, and is also associated with increased strength and reduced risk of falling in elderly people.  More recently, it has been scientifically linked with improved athletic performance.


Every organ in your body requires magnesium. Magnesium helps regulate the levels of other common electrolyte minerals, such as calcium, potassium and zinc.  More than 300 enzymes require the presence of magnesium ions for their proper function, including all enzymes utilizing or producing cellular energy.

Red blood cells function to transport oxygen from the lungs to the cells of the body. Vitamin B6 contributes to the formation of red blood cells.  Magnesium and Zinc plays a central role in the recovery process (protein biosynthesis) of rebuilding muscle tissue after exercise.