Flow State Runner / Pose Method Workshop with Coach Jeff Grant

Learn in person the awareness and mind training techniques Coach Jeff shares in his forthcoming book, Flow State Runner, as well as Dr. Nicolas Romanov’s highly effective Pose Method® of Running.

Effortless, injury-free, smooth, natural, peaceful, meditative ….. these are the words that should be associated with running.

Instead, we often hear the opposites! Despite decades of advanced shoe technology, injury rates aren’t falling and many people interested in trying running to improve their health and fitness, find themselves frustrated by a lack of progress. And with the recent surge in minimalist shoe offerings, many people jump into a minimalist shoe and find themselves dealing with sudden Achilles or calf injuries. It doesn’t have to be this way. Running efficiently is as much an inborn skill as swimming efficiently, accurately shooting with a bow and arrow or striking a golf ball with a club.

In this workshop you will learn and practice techniques to run with more efficiency and less risk of injury. You will learn the Pose Method® of running, with a supporting set of Jeff Grant’s Flow State Running drills and exercises tailor-made and tested through years of running technique coaching in Switzerland and abroad and field-tested through ultra marathons in the Sahara Desert and mountains of Switzerland, Italy and France. In addition to technique training, you will also receive mindset and mental toughness training, in using body scans, breathing exercises and visualisation techniques to continually improve your technique and to address the normal issues that athletes encounter in distance running and endurance races. Jeff’s goal is to create a coach’s voice in your mind to help guide you in the future through efficient body positioning and mind orientation. With Jeff’s background as a yoga teacher, Unbeatable Mind Coach and SEALFIT Coach, you will be exposed to a much deeper perspective on running, fitness and life than you’d find in a typical running mechanics seminar.

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Flow State Running Seminar

The session includes frame-by-frame video analysis of your running!

Key Takeways:

  • How to use gravity as a friend instead of fighting it. In other words, how to take the brakes off (which you may be applying without knowing it!).
  • Transitioning to natural/forefoot running while avoiding the major mistakes that most people make when doing so.
  • How to run on hills, soft sand and through adversity, as taught by Coach Jeff at the SEALFIT Academy.
  • The theory behind the Pose Method® as well as practical and tailor-made drills to help you start your journey in learning and refining the technique. Note: it often takes significant time to transition your running mechanics and muscles/muscle memory to a different style. It requires patience and practice and shouldn’t be viewed as a 1-time fix. Coach Jeff will teach you a model for recalling and practicing the technique in the days and weeks after leaving the workshop.
  • Mental Toughness and mindset control techniques to apply to running and training, which you can carry over into life.

Client Reviews

“Cool workshop.  You are really good at making the workshops interesting and not overloading us with too much theory and not enough practise.”

“Thank you for organizing the seminar. It was  a truly great experience ! I learned a lot about the proper running style and about the meaning of relaxed running. I am very positive that your advice on my running style helps me to progress in the competitions and my knee injuries get minimized. I strongly hope to become more conscious about the efficient body movement during my running training. Thank you for your very positive attitude while teaching. It made the whole experience really unique!

“Thanks for  great workshop today, really interesting helpful, you explain things in a great way!”

“Shane and I ran longer than he’s been able to yesterday and he didn’t have knee pain!!! All b/c of you!!! WOOHOO!”

“Fantastic job, really motivating and useful for everybody!”

Review of the workshop from the Fat-to-Fit Diaries Blog.


Cost: 250 CHF per person, due at the time of booking. Payment is required to confirm your space in the class. Please pay right after booking.
As a friend of CrossFit Schaffhausen, Coach Jeff has offered us a special price of only chf199!

These courses typically sell out, so please book your space early. To confirm and hold a space in a workshop, please complete the form below.  Cancellations less than 7 days in advance are not eligible for a refund or roll forward booking; however, you may send someone else in your place if you are unable to make it at the last minute.

Flow State Running Seminar



We will take a couple short breaks for hydration and nutrition, so please bring anything special you’d like. Please also bring something to take notes with, as well as running shoes and clothing suitable for the weather conditions of the season. We will run outside regardless of weather, so please come prepared.