10 Things you Need to Know about Friday Night Lights

What is “Friday Night Lights” ? – FNL is our first annual celebration of fitness. Get together with your friends and CFS family once per week (Friday night from 6:00 to ??) for 5 weeks, starting Feb 26th. You can come in any time from 6:00 to do your workout.

Can anyone do it? YES! And everyone should do it. Just like in a group class, the workouts will be scaled so that everyone can participate at their own level. Everyone will be placed on a team, and points will be awarded throughout the five weeks.

How are points earned? – You earn points for your team in two ways. One, just show up to your regular classes, and log your workout on Beyond the Whiteboard. There are also the “Lifestyle Questions”. These only take an extra minute, and BTWB will automatically track your score during the 5 weeks. Even on your off days, fill in the lifestyle questions and earn points! Bonus points will be awarded based on your workout result, but the majority will come from logging daily.

What is the difference between Paleo and Zone? – Click HERE for an explanation of the Paleo Diet. Click HERE for more information on the Zone Diet. Both of these methods are consistent with CrossFit and our Coaching philosophy.

Can I still participate in the Reebok CrossFit Open? – Of course! Our event is designed to run alongside of the Open, so anyone who wants to register an official score may do so. The workouts will be the same as those in the Open, and Judges will be provided.  You will need to register for the Open, as well as FNL.

Do you have to be there for all 5 Friday nights? – The more people that attend the event, the better it will be. However, if you can’t make it to every Friday night, that’s no problem. It’s your Lifestyle Points that count the most towards your team, not the actual workouts.

Is there a fee to participate? – Yes, the fee before Feb 8th is chf50. After that, it is chf75. However, this is NOT a profit making venture. In order to make this event as awesome as possible, we will be bringing in food, music, drinks, and much more! All of these things take time, and cost money. ALL of the proceeds will go to cover some of the costs of running the event.

What do the participants get? – Everyone who has signed up to participate will get a custom t-shirt in their team’s color, food and beverages at the event, and a judge for their workout. There will be awards at the end of the five weeks for the winning teams as well as some individual awards.

Who will be judging the athletes? – Hopefully, YOU! We are currently looking for volunteers to be judges for the other athletes. You can be a judge, and still participate in the event. If you are interested, you need to complete the CrossFit Judges Course online. There is a $10 fee, which CFS will reimburse for anyone who helps with the event. Just send me a photo of your certificate and I will deduct the amount from your next membership bill.

Can I invite family/ friends? – OF COURSE! The workouts are restricted to CFS members, but the party is open to everyone. This is your chance to showcase what an awesome community you belong to. There will be food, DJ, drinks, and games. We will also be raffling off some great prizes, with all of the proceeds going to a great Swiss charity.

Can I help? – YES! If you own or work in a business, and think our members would like what you have to offer, please let us know. We are looking for prizes for the athletes, raffle prizes to raise funds for the local charity, or for people who could perform their services on site during the event. This is a great way to help promote your product or service, while supporting a great cause.

DON’T WAIT!!  The early-bird pricing ends on Feb 8th.  After that, the price goes up, and due to production time, we can’t guarantee your shirt in time for the first workout on the 26th.