Winter Melt – 5 Week Challenge

Let’s face it, every year, between the Work Parties, Family Feasts, and Christmas Goodies… the kilos just seem to pile on… don’t they?

But, here’s a secret: if you’re LEAN and FIT, your body deals with those extra calories A LOT better.

And THAT means enjoying yourself, and carrying less of those unsightly kilos into spring and summer!

So, give yourself the gift of Health & Fitness, and this year… fight the Holiday season ‘flab’ with our 5 Week Challenge!


(Half Price before January 1st)

-2023Days -13Hours -15Minutes -39Seconds


What’s In It For You?

  • Have Fun!  The best program, whether it’s working out or nutrition, is one that you’ll DO! (That’s why we designed this to be easy and fun.)

  • Build Life-Changing Habits! There’s a supercomputer between your ears that can help you or hurt you. (Build the habits that will change your life.)

  • Stick To It! How many people try something and quit? The Winter Melt Challenge is meant to be done with an accountability partner. Plus you can earn points and win prizes!

  • Turn Heads! All of the habits in this challenge are designed for maximum impact… meaning,  you’ll get the biggest bang for your time buck. Focus on these fundamentals and reap the benefits.

  • Dial it In! Nutrition, Movement, and Lifestyle – the big three! No matter what your goal is, you’ll reach it faster by focusing on these things.

  • It’s Easy! All you have to do is log your points every day through our app (takes seconds). There’s no complicated log books, or worksheets.

(50% off before Jan 1st)

-2023Days -13Hours -15Minutes -39Seconds



  • Can You Explain Exactly What This Is?
    The Winter Melt Challenge is a 35 Day Online Partner Challenge where you will earn points for building healthy habits! There are 5 weekly prize draws for the top 5 individual point scorers for each week, as well as a grand prize for the team with the most points overall.
  • Do I NEED To Have a Partner?
    No, you don’t. You can do it solo, but you will not be eligible to win the Grand Prize which is awarded to the two-person team with the highest number of points. We are happy to team you up with someone!
  • How Much Is It?
    Early Bird Price is chf49, then it goes to the regular price to chf99 on January 1st.
  • When Does It Start?
    Monday January 14th, but two days before (Saturday January 12th) we are doing a Live Webinar Kickoff  to review everything in detail!
  • What am I Paying for?
    Accountability, support, and education! (That means results). We provide all the details you need to make powerful habit changes, and our app makes it simple and fun to keep track. The educational resources available through the Challenge are better than many Nutrition courses that I have completed!
  • Do I Need a Gym Membership?
    No, to get movement points all you have to do is move for 30 continuous minutes.  Walk your dog, go skiing or swimming, go to your regular gym….anything goes as long as you are moving.
  • How Much Time Is Required?
    It depends on how many points you want to earn, but if you want to knock it out of the park and get all points available you’re looking at 45-60 min a day (can be spread out over the day).
  • Can I Invite Friends?
    YES!! This challenge is open to the public and is available to Current and Past Gym Members (and their friends). No gym membership is required, and you can be a member of another gym.