Summer Gains Program

Summer is here, and it’s time to GET STRONG!

Summer Strength Cycle – Maximize Your Absolute Strength
(“but I don’t want to be strong” said nobody…ever!)


8 weeks starting July 2nd

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday, any class time, or Tues/ Thurs @1900 + Sat @0930 (requires a full rest day between sessions)

Includes a short conditioning workout after each session (optional)

Limited to 12 participants, and you should be comfortable with the main lifts (deadlift/ press/ squat/ clean/ snatch)

Workouts will be posted on BTWB in advance

chf99 (current CFS members)

Add a Nutrition Plan for 50% off (custom plans available for performance/ muscle gain OR fat loss)

By following the workouts, taking rest days, following our performance nutrition plan, and getting 8 hours of sleep daily, participants can expect an increase in their absolute strength and PRs in each of the major lifts.