How do you get results? Just ask Marie-Claire

At CrossFit Schaffhausen, we offer our “6 Week Challenge” sessions four to five times each year.  The program involves two components; fitness and nutrition.  Doing one without the other is a bit like being locked in a room with two zombies, and only killing one.  You’ve still got yourself a problem there…..

I recently talked with one of our Challenge graduates who had AMAZING results, and is continuing her fitness jpurney with us as a part of our regular CrossFit program.  Please say hello to Marie-Claire!

Q: How did you first find out about CrossFit Schaffhausen?

I saw an advertisement for the BootCamp on Facebook. As I was trying to loose weight and find my way back to my old fitness level for over 2 years now, I thought I could give it a try.

Q: What was your first class like?

Quite hard. I could barely get out of bed not to talk about climbing stairs the next two days because my legs were so sore.

Q: What changes/ results have you experienced since starting at CFS?

I lost nearly 10kg in the last 9 weeks (7 in the BootCamp), the workout is still hard but I’m amazed at how fast my body adapts to it. After the first week I can perform better mostly every time I do CrossFit.  I’m back in most of my old clothes and really near the weight I want to be. And I’m a better horseback rider because my body-feeling and my coordination is much better than before.

Q: Do you follow our nutrition guidelines?  Has this helped with your goals?

Most of the time and is has helped a lot! Only to read the “lesson of the day” everyday gives me new inputs and thoughts how I can get more structure and consistency in eating healthy all the time. Although I still fall sometimes for a pizza, a chocolate bar or a soft drink. But I’m much more aware of what I’m eating than before.

Q: You chose to continue with regular CFS classes after your BootCamp….why?

Because it works. I feel better, eat better and perform better. And I still want to loose a little more weight. And I started to kind of like it although I’m normally not so into sports in a building with weights, rowing, skipping and all this stuff. But I like the feeling to get better every time.

Q: What do you like the most about training at CFS?

Everyone is really welcoming. It really doesn’t matter how fit, fat, muscular, old, skinny or whatever you are. As long as you’re doing your best and try to get better you’re more than ok. All the coaches and also the other members are very supportive.

We LOVE having Marie-Claire at CrossFit Schaffhausen!  By combining our Nutrition Coaching with group fitness classes, she has seen significant changes and is becoming a true athlete.

Congratulations on your well deserved success Marie-Claire, and keep up the amazing work ;-).

Our next BootCamp starts Nov 6th.
Be like Marie-Claire!