She came for a six week Bootcamp, and stayed for a year!

We have so many amazing clients, and they each have their own story.  From day one, Natasa has been the perfect addition to our gym family, and I want to share her story with you.  She dropped in for a six week Bootcamp, and a year later she’s still going strong!

“Summer 2016. I just came back into my routine after holidays. Another tough year in front of me, long working days spent at the office, time for myself very limited. I haven’t done any sport in quite a long time, with an excuse that I am always in a rush hour, like most of us. I was preparing the dinner, and checking out what’s new on Facebook. I saw an ad which caught my attention. A Bootcamp at CrossFit Schaffhausen about to start soon. Without thinking twice I applied, not knowing what it was exactly. It looked like something completely different compared to what I have done in the past, so I scheduled an interview with James. I didn’t know what’s to come, after all I have only done “solitary” sports in the past. 
Six intensive weeks of Bootcamp have been a mind and eye opener to me. With the guidance of James I have discovered the fun and excitement of group workouts, I met some amazing people, I learned to sweat without being embarrassed about it, and to be honest it feels great!
Now it’s been a year that I am a part of the CrossFit Schaffhausen community. I see my body no longer in terms of what it looks like, but in terms of what it can do. I am more flexible, resistant, I’m much stronger, but more than all this, I feel fully confident to be who I really am. Each time I finish a workout I walk out of the gym feeling invincible and powerful, and I don’t give on up this emotion.
The daily workout is just what I need to feel better after the day spent at work, physically tired but mentally recharged and amazed with what my body achieves during every workout.”
Natasa Delic