CrossFit Schaffhausen Ski Weekend!

Work hard, play hard!

The date is Jan. 30, Saturday to Jan. 31, Sunday. The price is a standard room CHF 310 (Chf 155 per person) that includes: the overnight stay, breakfast buffet, and a 3 course dinner with house wine, and ski pass on sunday. If more than 2 want to share a room, it`s an additional CHF155 per person or CHF 77.50 for children over 6. There is a ski pass from 12:00am that costs CHF 52 for adults and children 6-15 years cost CHF25 that we could do for saturday. The beginners passes are TrĂ¼bee Pass, costing 28 for adults and 11 for children and Gerschni Pass costing 20 adults and 8 children. That price is for the 12:00am ski day on Saturday.
There is a sauna and steam room available for guests. The hotel has it`s own bar and restaurant, but it is centrally located to other bars and restaurants, and grocery store. For those not interested (or not able to)in skiing there are: tobogganing rides (unlimited) from 9-4:30 at 3500 meters and altitude of 250 meters, winter walking, snow shoeing, snow park with snow tubing, and snow mobile rentals at CHF5 entry fee and CHF2 per minute.
If we get a group of 10 or more to ski on Saturday, we will get a 10% discount. She said that if we come in a bus, we probably would not make it up the mountain, but there is a parking station at the bottom and a tunnel lift to the hotel from there, otherwise, parking is free. There is also a kids playroom without babysitter open from 16:00-18:00. We can get a 10% discount at the ski rental shop with our hotel stay. Reservations need to be made by December 29!!!
They also have igloos that you can sleep 4-6 people in at temperature of zero degrees. The beds are sheep skin and there is a jacuzzi and fondue for dinner.
Please sign up in the gym before Dec 29th to confirm your place.