Women’s self Defense Seminar

CrossFit Schaffhausen will be hosting SAFE International for a special Women’s Self Defense seminar on Oct 3rd from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Warning: This is NOT your typical women’s self-defence course.  This fun and highly-interactive, 4-hour ‘SAFE Self-Protection for Women’ workshop will cover awareness and avoidance strategies, defensive posturing and movement techniques, verbal de-escalation skills and simple, effective physical self-defence tactics that will enable you to manage potentially dangerous people and situations, and get home safely to your family.

Towards the end of the workshop, you will have an opportunity to test your newly-acquired self-protection skills against a well-padded “bad-guy” (the instructor), in a safe-but-intense, 1-minute ‘Simulated Attack Scenario’. This is the most unique and popular aspect of SAFE International’s self-protection courses — and, arguably, the most valuable, as it provides participants with a glimpse of what a real, violent attack might look and feel like, and a very real sense of how they will perform in that moment.

No experience is necessary. All safety and training equipment will be provided.


Your Instructor, Brian Opdenkelder, has devoted his entire adult life to the study of personal protection.

Brian Opdenkelder is a Canadian correctional officer, Emergency Response Team member / instructor, and Use of Force trainer for the Correctional Service of Canada. He is also a passionate, lifelong student of the mind, movement and martial arts, who currently teaches reality-based self-defence through two world-class, worldwide organizations: SAFE International and Senshido International.

Although this course deals with a very serious subject matter, it will be presented in a fun, safe and challenging format.  Anyone is welcome to attend, but spaces are limited to 20 participants.  Please click the link below to reserve your spot.