NEW! “ID” (Individual Design) Program

A few months ago, we implemented the Level Method at CrossFit Schaffhausen.  Many of our members have either completed the testing or are in the process of doing so.  The best part of the LM program is it’s ability to identify individual strengths and weaknesses in a group setting.  The purpose of the LM program is to give both Coach and athlete a clear picture of what areas need to be addressed in order to move forward in their fitness journey.


As you might expect, not everyone needs help in the same areas.  Some excel at lifting, but lack in the aerobic intervals.  Others have great “engines” but struggle with the heavy lifts.  Following our daily programming 3-4 times per week will result in an overall improvement, but your progress will be much faster with supplemental workouts designed specifically for you.


Starting this month, we are offering our new “ID” (individual design) program.  This does not replace the day-to-day program at CFS, but rather enhances it by addressing your particular needs.  It works like this: I will review your Level Method results and identify the two main areas that need to be improved in order to progress up the MAP.  You will receive 12 supplemental sessions designed specifically for you on your Beyond the Whiteboard app.  The sessions will be 15-20 minutes in length and can be done either before or after your regular classes, or on days you are not doing the regular CF class.  Complete all 12 sessions in the month, and I can GUARANTEE  that you will move up at least one level on the MAP in the areas we are focusing on.


Your Investment:

  • 12 supplemental workouts delivered to your BTWB feed chf49
  • OR, 12 workouts on BTWB plus one 30 minute private Skills Session chf99
  • If you complete the workouts (logged in BTWB) in addition to at least 10 regular classes in the month, and you do NOT move up at least one level, I will refund your investment 100%.

To get started, simply email [email protected].  I will review your Level Method results and design your unique 30 day program.  If would like more information, why not book a “No Sweat Consultation” and we’ll see how we can best help you reach your goals.