Why you probably shouldn’t join CrossFit Schaffhausen!

CrossFit Schaffhausen probably isn’t the right gym for you, and here’s why:

You can’t just walk in and start taking classes. They expect you to work with a Coach one-on-one before jumping into the regular classes! The Coach invests a lot of time in getting to know you, what your particular needs are, and develops an actual plan for your training. It’s like they really CARE about your safety and wellbeing. Who needs that headache?

They are so hung up on this whole “Coaching” thing, and they actually expect you to “learn”. Learn how to move efficiently, how to correctly warm up, mobilize and stretch, how to lift weight safely and effectively, how to eat for optimal performance. It goes on and on…..who has time for all that learning? If you are not moving correctly, they actually TELL YOU, and won’t leave you alone until you make an improvement. What’s up with that?

From the moment you start at CrossFit Schaffhausen, they actually expect you to IMPROVE your fitness! They are so caught up on making sure that you are getting stronger, faster, and generally better in every way, they even provide a FREE app for your phone to track your progress. I mean, who has one minute to waste at the end of the workout to record that day’s results. ONE WHOLE MINUTE! And then, they will actually USE that information to analyse your training, and make adjustments to ensure that you CONTINUE to improve. Seriously, again with the whole “caring” thing….

And what’s up with that gym? There is nothing but weights, bars, rings, rowers, medicine balls, mobility bands, kettlebells (no pink ones…WTF!?) and a lot of bright open space. No TV to distract you, or mirrors to check makeup or strike a few body-building poses. It’s like the whole space was set up specifically for working hard and getting real results. And what kind of gym doesn’t use machines? Oh right, they expect you to learn how to move yourself….

Then there’s the whole “community” thing. The classes are small groups, and everyone is working out together. Guess what happens when you start hanging out with other people who are working towards a healthier lifestyle? First, you get to know their names, and they know yours! Then, you may actually start to chat with them, and share your experiences at the gym. Once you’ve crossed that line, there is no going back. You’ve made friends, got to know some people you never would have met before, and are looking forward to seeing them at the gym. Some even have the nerve to give you a shout if they haven’t seen you in a while, just to find out if everything is ok. I mean, can an amazing support group of like-minded people really help you reach your health and fitness goals?

There are so many more reasons why CrossFit Schaffhausen isn’t right for you. They expect you to work hard, and learn how to move properly, they invest a lot of time and energy in your safety and progress, they monitor your results, and expect you to do the same, and they, along with the community, really care whether you are at the gym or not. It would just be so much easier to hop on the treadmill and watch some TV as I sip my juice cleanse. That’s been working out great for me so far!

By Mr. Tung N’Cheek