Our Re-Vive BootCamp is the perfect program for anyone who wants to lose fat, get in great shape, and do it with as little time commitment as possible.  Each 45 minute session will include:


  • A dynamic warm up that changes each day designed to get your core temperature raised and muscles activated for the daily workout.

  • A mobility and/or flexibility piece to help further loosen up your muscles.

  • A high-intensity interval style bootcamp workout for your class. This portion will typically be 20-25 minutes of work.

  • Extra Credit in the form of general bodybuilding accessory movements or an ab circuit to “finish off” your session.

  • Coaches will explain the intended purpose of your workout, these aren’t “random” exercises.

  • Movement demonstrations and supervision for newly introduced bootcamp movements.

  • Progressive implementation of new bootcamp style movements to keep workouts fresh and exciting.

The best part is, each movement and workout can be “scaled” according to your personal fitness level.  With over 10 years of Coaching experience, we are THE experts when it comes to correct movement and adapting exercises so they are safe and effective for everyone.  There is NO prerequisite to join, simply come in for a FREE TRIAL WEEK any time.  If you like it, simply pay by the month for as long as you wish. No complicated contracts or long term commitments.


Six intensive weeks of training have been a mind and eye opener to me. With the guidance of James I have discovered the fun and excitement of group workouts, I met some amazing people, I learned to sweat without being embarrassed about it, and to be honest it feels great! Now it’s been a year that I am a part of the CrossFit Schaffhausen community. I see my body no longer in terms of what it looks like, but in terms of what it can do. I am more flexible, resistant, I’m much stronger, but more than all this, I feel fully confident to be who I really am. Each time I finish a workout I walk out of the gym feeling invincible and powerful, and I don’t give on up this emotion. -Natasa D

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