New CrossFit in Waldshut Tiengen!

We recently had the pleasure of attending the opening night at the area’s newest gym, CrossFit Waldshut Tiengen.  The owners, Josh and Sara spent some time with us at CrossFit Schaffhausen as trainers, and I am very happy to see… Read more »

Our Check-In Charity for February is…..

This February, you can help provide a home to a neglected pet just by checking in on Facebook at CrossFit Schaffhausen. Every 5 check-ins will provide an hour of care for a shelter animal! We’ve partnered with Sweat Angels and… Read more »

Friday Night Lights Open Series

“Friday Night Lights – Open Series” 5 weeks – 5 workouts It only happens once a year and only one event can truly be called celebration of our competitive spirit.  Friday Night Lights kicks off February 26th at CrossFit Schaffhausen…. Read more »

Couch to CrossFit 2016!

There is no better way to kick off 2016 then with Couch to CrossFit at CrossFit Schaffhausen! Couch to CrossFit is a program for anyone and everyone! Look forward to a welcoming environment that reduces stress, deflates any CrossFit myths,… Read more »

CrossFit Schaffhausen Ski Weekend!

Work hard, play hard! The date is Jan. 30, Saturday to Jan. 31, Sunday. The price is a standard room CHF 310 (Chf 155 per person) that includes: the overnight stay, breakfast buffet, and a 3 course dinner with house… Read more »

You’ve got an injury? That’s great news!

First things first. This is not medical advice, and I’m not a doctor. If you are experiencing pain while performing any movements at the gym, STOP! Assess the situation by trying the movement without any weight (ie Press with wood),… Read more »

CrossFit Schaffhausen – How to tame your “Goat”

So, I’m sure your first thought was, “I thought this was a fitness column. What’s this goat nonsense about?” Well, it was an attempt to get your attention, and if you’re still reading, it worked.  But a “goat” in fitness… Read more »

Women’s self Defense Seminar

CrossFit Schaffhausen will be hosting SAFE International for a special Women’s Self Defense seminar on Oct 3rd from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Warning: This is NOT your typical women’s self-defence course.  This fun and highly-interactive, 4-hour ‘SAFE Self-Protection for Women’ workshop… Read more »