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Julien Janda - A year ago I discovered Crossfit (@ Crossfit Basel) while developing a fitness initiative for my company and I liked it instantly. After moving to Schaffhausen shortly after, where I was lucky enough to meet the team of Crossfit Schaffhausen, I really got to know the concept of Crossfit.

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Isabel Leu - An Crossfit gefällt mir, das abwechslungsreiche Training, die flexiblen Trainigszeiten und das gute Coaching. Mental und Physisch herausgefordert zu werden und über sich herauszuwachsen ist immer wieder ein gutes Gefühl

Claire Bland - At Crossfit Schaffhausen, as you would expect from this sport, there is comparison and competition, but in my opinion, not in the traditional "I will beat him at all costs" way. Instead, the community is encouraged, through great example, to compare only attitude and consistency. In my opinion, hearing "you can also do it if you put the effort in" on a daily basis, can only lead to positive improvement. All James asks is that I do my best, but he also inspires every other member to be their own best. In turn, we all want the best for each other and I defy anyone not to thrive in this type of environment. Crossfit Schaffhausen, with James as the Coach, never stands still. It is always improving, and not only encourages you to do the same, but to pass on this positive attitude to others. (Oh, and in my first 4 months I also lost 6kgs, numerous inches from my body, and have broken every personal record I ever had)

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